About us

Something about Jadroo Group


Jadroo Group is a multinational group of companies.

Jadroo Group is one of Bangladesh’s leading conglomerates and trusted consumer goods manufacturers. With 12 years of business legacy, the group has grown substantially over the period in value creation and production. At present there are 8 sister concerns, each specializing in different products and services. We are world class, we are worldwide as a manufacturer and world top band distributor. Jadroo Group is not only a company, also a business educational home for young professionals.


Jadroo Group Mission For The Country, For The Nation


Necessity has no limits and no boundaries, but whatever requirement is, we are here to provide the best solution. Our capabilities does not allow us to say NO.
  • We started -

    JADROO Group is a multi-disciplinary organization founded in 2010. Jadroo group founded by Jadab Debnath.
  • - Vision & Mission

    Our vision is to create value and impact in society by way of improving quality of life and ensuring well-being of people and Our mission is to achieve higher efficiency to develop and deliver affordable products and services to society for good
  • Our Core Focus -

    Employee, diversity and equal opportunity, Customer and respect for people,Truth, morality, transparency and ethics and Zero tolerance to corruption.
  • Milestones

    JADROO has evolved into a giant multifarious business enterprise from a small venture bringing business breakthrough persistently